Directors Speak

The biggest challenge to media men of tomorrow is to ride change. It’s imperative that they develop competencies that are timeless, environment independent and indeed inherently evolutionary. The ARCJMC programs are designed to help students to achieve this objective in life. I am very pleased to share with you that different programs of ARCJMC seek to address the new realities of the changing business & media environment, while leveraging the natural talents and interest.

The programs are fashioned to equip the student with the knowledge and skill sets necessary to respond to the full diversity of the country’s needs. All these programs have action learning & skill building focus. This is reflected in the quality of our curriculum, pedagogy & the overall efforts to impart quality media education. We emphasize upon developing the problem solving abilities & decision making skill of the students. We focused to work on students & mentor them to enhance their capacity to work effectively with other people & develop their mind set that will help them deal confidently with complex practical situations through their grasping power, writing skills & presentation.

Our education programs are of the highest standards demanding greater dedication, initiative hard work, intellectual maturity & strength of purpose of student in their carrier objectives. We are decided & committed to provide the best media education in term of theoretical bases & practical skills. We are living on stone unturned in giving life to our saying, “putting our soul into education”.